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Boudoir  Albums that Empower

We work exclusively with professional photographers and we are committed to acting as an extension of your business and the luxurious, powerful, high quality experience your brand provides.

Our female-only production team handmake your albums from start to finish to ensure your images are handled with care and respect. 

  Empowering     Luxurious     Intimate 

Ordering  Made Easy



Create your spreads according to your chosen album size or size your prints and upload on the product page (300dpi).

For an Ice Cover or Picture Cover, please use our templates.


We know product pricing security is important to Professional Photographers.

To be able to see pricing and send your order through, you will need to be registered. 

Choose the size, number of spreads, customization options and the cover material of choice. 

Submit and receive your order within 7-10 business days. 


As a Canadian, I was extremely pleased to find a Canadian album company that not only provided me with a high quality product, but also exceptional customer service.  Craig and Larysa are great to work with and have a great eye for detail. It's also extremely important for my images on my computer to print exactly how I edit them and The Boudoir Album is the only company I have worked with that nails it every single time. I could rave on and on, of course, but essentially The Boudoir Album has become part of the Teri Hofford Photography brand and I couldn't be happier!

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